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Sunny Bee Music Teacher Workshop

Let’s face it, these are trying times for teachers. We love what we do, but the Struggle is Real.

Kids are having a hard time managing their emotions and controlling their impulses.

Did you know that preschoolers are expelled from school at a rate higher than those expelled from grades k-12 combined?

But what if there was a fun and engaging way to help students learn how to self regulate?

The Sunny Bee Music Teacher Workshop provides teachers with music and movement activities specifically designed to help young learners enhance their self regulation skills.

Self regulation is the foundation.

When children are able to self regulate, they do better in school and have an easier time forming relationships with their peers and teachers.

Happy self regulated kids = happy self regulated teachers. It’s a win-win.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who works with young children, including:

  • preschool teachers
  • day care workers
  • family day care owners
  • homeschooling parents
  • parenting/playgroups.

During this 90 minute workshop, you’ll:

  • Explore the characteristics of self regulation, what it looks like, and the benefits of being able to self regulate.
  • Participate in engaging musical activities that you can implement as soon as the next day.
  • Receive a handout containing all the content from the workshop as well as brainstorming exercises.
If you’re looking for a solution to your challenges, if you want to reignite your love of teaching, if you want to help your littles reach their fullest potential, then this workshop is the answer. Let me help you set this very important foundation for your early learners. Once, this is done, everything else will fall into place. We are now booking dates for the fall.

About Ms. Brenda

Ms. Brenda is a preschool special area teacher with 25 years experience working with children. She has worked in a variety of settings including: public schools, summer camps, and mommy and me classes.

Ms. Brenda had her own music studio, but sadly, due to the pandemic, had to shut its doors. However, in Ms. Brenda fashion, she looked at the bright side of an unfortunate situation, and took her program outdoors! For the past year, she has had the pleasure of offering outdoor music classes for local families.

Three fun facts about Ms. Brenda- she loves the color yellow, honey bees, and sunflowers!

Workshop Presentations:

  • New Jersey Association for the Education of Young Children’s State Conference
  • Connections and Solutions Conference
  • Hackensack Early Childhood Development Center
  • North Brunswick Early Childhood Center
  • Townley Preschool
I work with all age groups. All of the music and information Ms. Brenda has given us was helpful and fun. I cannot wait to use it back at work."
"Excellent workshop! Great ideas and songs!"
"I am excited to try these songs to help my kids regulate."
"I will review all the songs and tools I learned today with my staff so they can incorporate it in their daily lessons. I plan to add all the songs and activities to their curriculum binder."

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