Mini Musicians

Welcome to Mini Musicians! This curriculum is designed to be a positive, creative and exploratory first introduction to music for 3-5 year olds in a group setting. The program is directed towards piano and will provide great preparation for more traditional piano lessons, but is also beneficial for children who will go on to study any instrument as they will be exploring pitch, patterns and rhythm. The cost of this 8 week session is $199.

Summer Music Camp

We are excited to offer this fun music camp, specifically designed for children ages 3-5. Through a fun and playful approach to musical learning, children will do vocal exploration, sing songs, play games, and explore on the piano as well. The children will have the opportunity to make new friends, be creative, and learn through play.

Camp will meet Monday- Thursdays from 11:00-12:30 at St. Raphael’s Episcopal Church located at 1520 NJ-88, Brick Township, NJ 08724

The cost is $35 a day, or $120 a week.